Circus Workshops

Sexy Cirque Workshop

Sexy Cirque combines dance with cirque type apparatuses such as tissue/silks (fabric), single trapeze and Lyra (hoop). You will add these new partners to your dance and create a diverse, sensual routine by the end of the workshop. Enlighten your body, mind and soul using new moves that provide a fun, new way to build strength and body awareness while adding new dimension to your dance techniques. During the workshop, you will choose one apparatus to create your routine on, though you will be able to play on all apparatuses.
This is a workshop for all levels. No experience required.

You will explore:
Cirque apparatuses and basic Moves
Incorporating Dance
Strength building techniques
Building routines
Performances & creating a DVD

Acro Workshop

A great workshop for boys and girls of all ages. This workshop will focus on basic acrobatic circus moves while combining yoga, tumbling, stretching and balancing. You will learn solo, duo and multi person stretching and acrobatic poses along with the basics of partner acro balancing. Let the acrobat within you emerge in this workshop where everyone, no matter your strength, size or age can play. You may bring a friend or come alone.

Aerial Silks "Roll Up" Workshop

Prerequisite-you must be able to do a "roll up" from a climb.

What can you do from an aerial silks "roll up"? Tons of cool aerial moves!! In this workshop we will explore many different moves that start with or incorporate the "roll up". Here are a few beautiful moves you can learn: two knee hang, one knee hang, ankle hang, high hip pose...
If you can do the "roll up" then you can enjoy learning some great new moves in this workshop to add to your aerial dance routines.

Flippy / Tippy Lyra

This workshop will allow you to explore the Flippy Lyra. This invented apparatus give a new dimension to solo and partner aerial. We will work on becoming comfortable with the flippy Lyra movement and work our way to some dynamic moves such as the V circles, hip circles, hop through...Please wear attire that covers your legs.

Hula Hoop Dance Workshop

Hula hooping isn't just for kids anymore! With hand made hoops that are heavier and larger, you will be able to hoop your way to a happier body, mind, and spirit. Not only will hoop dancing make you laugh, smile, and feel young, but it can also stimulate your inner soul and put you in balance. The benefits of hoop dance include: cardio conditioning; improved coordination, balance and posture; toning of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms; enhanced flexibility; core strengthening; chi; and stress relief. Experience all forms of expressive dance while getting a great workout and having a blast. We provide the hoops, you bring your inner child!

While Hooping away you will learn : Walking-forwards and backwards, Grapevine, Dance combination's, Moving turns, Incorporation of hands and hips and lots of fun hoop tricks!