Making Learning More Enjoyable

Delve into these workshops and explore. Workshops are usually one to two hours long with focus on specific skills in a variety of dance, pole, cirque, & fitness styles. All workshops are taught in a comfortable, no-pressure setting. Workshops are available to all women of any age, shape, size, fitness level and profession. Leesi feels that enjoying your learning experience will help release self-expression to a more
Creative and Erotic You.


Pole Workshops

Intro to Pole Dance Workshop 1hr
Pole Dance Workshop #1-12 1hr
Spin Pole Implement Workshop 1+hr
FabPole Workshop 1+hr

Circus Workshops

Sexy Cirque Workshop 6+hr
Fabric Silks Workshop 1+hr
Lyra Workshop 1+hr

Trapeze Workshop 1+hr
Hammock Workshop 1+hr

Motion Workshops

Stripper Fantasy Camp Workshop 6+hr
Lap Dance Techniques Workshop 2+hr
Chair Dance Workshop 1+hr
Burlesque Tease Workshop 1+hr