Pole Workshops

Intro to Pole Dance Workshop

Pole Dancing has become a world wide form of fitness for women of all shapes, sizes and ages looking for a sexy workout with a "spin". Pole dancing will not only strengthen and tone your body but will encourage you to empower self-confidence and sensuality. There are no prerequisites for this workshop. All ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels are invited to this workshop. This workshop focuses on becoming comfortable with the pole while incorporating some erotic dance.

You will learn:
Stretching exercises
Pole posture and techniques
21 Pole Dance Moves
Pole Routine

​Please do not wear lotion or any other moisturizer to class this causes the poles to become dangerously slick. Please wear comfortable clothing. There is no nudity. High heels are not required but are encouraged.

Pole Dance Workshop 1-12

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole Dance Workshop  and previous workshop

Are you ready to take your pole dancing to the next level? All Pole Dance Workshops will challenge you at every level. Each routine has new moves with new choreography and progressively become harder and more empowering for every pole dance enthusiasts.

Spin Pole - Implement

Prerequisite: You must have pole moves to apply to this workshop.

You have static pole spins and poses. This workshop will allow you to implement those moves and tricks to the spin pole. Blending your moves with spin pole for a more diverse pole dance world. This workshop fits all level pole dancers from beginner to advanced.

FabPole Workshop

Prerequisite - You must be able to climb the pole and sit.*

Learn the art of FabPole from the creator. Leesi combined fabric and spin pole and came up with FabPole for Pole Dancing Universe 2011. You will learn different techniques with this creative apparatus such as spins, wraps, flying spins, hooks and maybe play with drops.
Required attire - shorts, shirts that cover your entire torso and optional leg warmers.