Common Queries

See below for answers to common questions

What happens when I request a session, workshop or party?

Once I receive your request for a session, workshop or party I will contact you by email to discuss the best way to make exploring your goals successful.
I will inquire about how you would like your session - virtually, in studio or at your location, the time and date. Once we have finalized the details you will receive a link to pay for your session.
Sessions will only be confirmed and added to my calendar after payment is received.
If you have questions please 
contact me.

Do I need to register for sessions and workshops?

Yes, you need to request a session or workshop. Once we have finalized the details of your request an invoice will be emailed to you. Your session is only confirmed and scheduled once payment is received.

Please review the policies here.

If you have questions please  contact me.

What if I can't make it to my session, workshop or party?

I have a strict cancellation policy for all sessions, workshops and parties.

Solo & Duo session - 24 hours before the session
Workshops - 24 hours before the workshop
Parties - 7 days before the party
If you have questions please contact me.

What should I bring/wear to my session and workshops?

Bring WATER and a SMILE!
Check each session and workshop description for attire suggestions.
Here are some general attire suggestions.
DO NOT wear lotions or oils that make your skin slick.
Pole - shorts, sports bra and maybe heels

Aerial - leggings and sleeved shirts

Dance - attire that you can move in and bare feet and/or high heels.

Can men join your sessions and workshops?

Yes, exploring is not limited to women only. If you have questions please contact me.

Can I do this?

What if I don't have a dance background or I'm not in shape or I'm not very coordinated or flexible?
Our sessions and workshops are designed for every woman, no matter what age, shape, size, and fitness level and you don't need to be coordinated or flexible to attend our sessions and workshops.