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The Creative And Erotic You with Leesi Ruskaup

Whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced instructor. I have been offering
motion, aerial and pole sessions to people of all ages, shapes and experience levels in the Denver area since 2004, and I am here to give you the personalized attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.

Only workout I have stuck to, 5 1/2 years ;)

Cara H.


Solo Session

Personalized Attention

I know some people explore best with one on one instruction or want to focus and learn at their own pace and own movement styles that you may not be able to find any where else.  If this is your desired learning style then a solo sessions will allow you to take advantage of the more personal attention that you desire.

I offer in studio (Westminster) and virtual sessions for a more flexible exploring journey.
Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right space and instructor to explore. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the sessions I provide and choose the right one for you.


Explore the Creative & Erotic YOU

I have worked with clients of all ages, sizes and fitness levels from the first timer to the advanced professional. In order for everyone to have the ability to EXPLORE their creative and erotic side in an environment that is comfortable to them I offer sessions in different and flexible formats.
I offer sessions at studio, virtually anywhere in the world and at the convenience of your location in the Denver area.

At Your Service

A Little About Me

Contact & Requests


REQUESTS - When requesting a session please include:
*Goals - What would you like to explore?
*Preferred location - virtual, or at studio (Westminster, CO)
*Preferred schedule - What days and times are best for you?
I will contact you by email if otherwise requested to discuss the details of your request.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a party with Leesi L'Ru!
Spice up your party with the art of pole dancing, chair dancing, erotic dancing, and even aerial. All session types and workshops can be customized and combined for your party desires.
Birthday, Divorce, Bachelorette, Bridal Showers, Girls Night Out or Just Because!


Making Learning More Enjoyable

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